“The Screams of Passion”

I love Prince. Anybody who knows me, knows that. So it was an extraordinary honor to perform a song he wrote and produced, The Family/fDeluxe’s “The Screams of Passion,” at the 2017 Like Minded Individuals Prince Tribute at High Volume Music in Houston, TX, with my musical partner in crime, Montrose Cunningham.

“SoulLover” LIVE at Montrose’s 5521 Birthday Concert

In August 2002, I happened to meet a person who would become one of my dearest friends and my first (and best) musical collaborator, Montrose Cunningham. Nearly 20 years later, it’s still an extraordinary pleasure to get on stage with him and our band (Larry Davis on keys, Ray “Flip” Flippen on bass, and Danielle “Pockett” Brown on drums). And even though it’s been about a decade now since we played together on a regular basis, the moment we hit it’s like absolutely no time has passed. That’s how it felt on 28 August 2021 when the five of us reunited at High Volume Music Live in Houston, TX for Montrose’s 5521 Birthday Concert. Check us out performing “SoulLover,” the debut single from my 2010 EP Nuda Veritas.

“I Can’t Help It” LIVE at Montrose’s 5521 Birthday Concert

Another gem from Montrose’s 5521 Concert, our cover of Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It.” We love doing this one. Enjoy!

Rhonda Nicole LIVE at Creative Overflow

Earlier this summer, my friend Alem Gola reached out to me to ask if I’d be interested in performing at a showcase she was producing. After years of being off-stage and yearning to get back in the ring, I jumped at the opportunity. And it just so happened that this showcase would take place in Dallas while I was in town visiting my family! What a pleasure it was to perform “Shelter” and “Stay” from my EP, Home, for the very first time in front of an audience at the Creative Overflow show!

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