‘LOVER,’ the new EP from Rhonda Nicole

If there’s one thing about me that never changes, it’s that I’m a sucker for love and an even bigger sucker for a good love song. From my first forays into putting pen to paper to bring my original songs to life at the age of 11, to sometime last week when I put the finishing touches* on a new tune all about matters of the heart, I’ve always written and sung about love.

(*You know how we artists are; a song is rarely ever truly finished.)

Over the years, I’ve written hundreds of songs about a very specific kind of love: Unrequited, longing, distant love. There has always been someone–some object of my affection, a crush, possibly an occasional soul mate–who inspired musical musings on the theme. To this day, I can flip through my lyric books–even the ones from way back in the day–and recall exactly who it was at that time. Sometimes there were multiple “whos,” but more often than not, one in particular. I may not name names in my songs, but if I loved you, even if only for a week, there’s a song about you, somewhere.

Which brings us to the subject at hand, LOVER. This new EP is a collection of soulful, sensual love songs meant to spark romance and passion. It’s grown folks’ music. It’s that good good R&B for that good good lovin’. Turn it on and get turned on. LOVER is all about intimacy, sex, vulnerability, connection, and love realized.

LOVER is the perfect soundtrack for your summertime love thang. Get into it. Get some.

You can pre-order LOVER now exclusively on Bandcamp, and when you do, you’ll immediately get the title track and one of my personal recent faves, “Tattoo.” There’s also a hidden bonus track that’s only available on Bandcamp.

LOVER releases this Friday, 22 July on Bandcamp and Wednesday, 27 July on streaming platforms.

I’m super proud of this project and hope it feels as good to you listening as it did to me creating it. Download LOVER and get into the groove.


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